healing with monica

Psychic Readings, Intuitive Reiki Master & Intuitive Coaching

I’m Here to Support You on Your Healing Journey

  Hello, beautiful soul!

I am Monica and I am passionate about helping you find balance, peace, and flow in your life! I know how it feels when it seems like your healing journey has come to a standstill or isn’t flowing smoothly but I am committed to using my abilities a Psychic and Multidimensional Reiki Master to help your energetic body come into a state of alignment As result, you will experience more clarity and forward motion, and truly feel empowered to create the life that you have been seeking and seeing.

Are you ready for a change? Let’s connect and help you find the state of balance, harmony and connection with source and your guides that you’ve always known was possible!   

Please note that I also take payment through Venmo, CashApp and Square. Please email me for these options, as you can’t book your session directly through calendly this way.



Monica’s Offerings

chakra balancing

Multidimentional Reiki

Balance and heal your chakras, treating problems at their source, instead of just the symptoms on the surface.
lotus healing

Intuitive Coaching

See your life in a new light and get where you want to be energetically with intuitive insights and advice from Monica.

crystal healing

Psychic Reading

Connect with your spirit guides and higher self to receive clarity and answers to some of your most pressing life questions.
crystal healing

Multidimentional Body Attunement

Accelerate your journey with a deep meditative journey and light body attunement

Client Love

“Monica has a gift for immediately understanding where imbalances are and then powerfully assisting any energetic blocks to be cleared.”

“Working with Monica has provided me with invaluable support and guidance throughout my healing journey.  When I first sought help, I was seeking direction in life – I was stuck.  I consider myself to be a spiritual newbie, but Monica’s gift has turned me into a believer…I feel stronger and more confident with each passing session.”

“I have never experienced the type of results that I did after a session with Monica. She was able to clear many energetic blocks in our session, helping me to feel lighter and more aligned with my higher self.”